Assisting others comes naturally, like a gift.

The difficult part is living with those we cannot reach or help.

If you really want to honor those names and faces,

Help those you can, the rest you've got to let go.

Honor Your Gift.

Matthias Behrends




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With more than 5,000 hours of practical coaching experience, Behrends has dealt with a wide variety of topics in both the personal and business sphere. Since 2008 he has helped over 600 individual clients in 20 countries and with 40 nationalities. Behrends is privileged to count many peak-performers to his clients: professional athletes, CEOs and international artists.


EC is a highly effective approach. It tackles the root cause of challenges, is holistic and has both short- and long-term effects.


Sessions with Matthias Behrends can be either in English, German or Spanish

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