Experiencias para sanar tus heridas emocionales

Prácticas del “Autocuidado Emocional Profundo” con Matthias Behrends (Alemania)

Lloret de Mar, 22 de octubre, 2022

Experiencias para sanar tus heridas emocionales

Prácticas del “Autocuidado Emocional Profundo”

con Matthias Behrends (Alemania)


El Autocuidado Emotioncal Profundo

“Una nueva oportunidad a la vida”

Este evento es una rara oportunidad de experimentar el “Autocuidado Emocional Profundo” en persona de la mano de su creador, Matthias Behrends. Aprende técnicas que puedes autoaplicar inmediatamente para reducir el impacto de las experiencias angustiosas en tu bienestar emocional y tu salud mental. Entre las técnicas, podrás experimentar “meditaciones guiadas”, como por ejemplo, “El lugar seguro interior” y “El trabajo del niño interior”.

“Uno que tiene mucho que decir, pero que aún no ha olvidado cómo escuchar.”
Como aparece en:
“Nunca pensé en la magnitud de que algo tan simple tuviera un impacto tan grande.”
⁠Alexander Gómez G.
Director Clínico, Comunidad Terapéutica San Bartolomé, Rionegro, Colombia

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Proper stabilization is half the battle.

A high level of skills for emotional stabilization is an essential requirement for anyone who wants to provide (emotional) assistance to people in emotional distress. In other words, if you are lacking such skills, you have no business in working with people in distress.

Keeping the darkness at bay.

Sometimes, even proper stabilization is not enough to – metaphorically speaking – keep the darkness at bay. This can mean for example, that intrusive thoughts, images, emotions as well as nightmares continue. Then you need to be able to provide your client with effective containment of distressing content.



The only way out is through.

If the consequences of a traumatic experience keep presenting themselves as a roadblock then indeed the only way out is through. “Through” meaning the processing of the distressing emotion or experience.

By processing (of emotions) we mean the use of specific techniques with the purpose to change how someone feels about a distressing experience.

All too often, this part of the work is being avoided due to helplessness and fear experienced by providers of care due to a simple lack of skills in this area. We are ending this helplessness now by providing access to processing techniques to everyone.

“From the ashes …”

Removing roadblocks is necessary but does not push the car forward. More is needed.

Removing a significant part of the emotional burden of a traumatic experience is nothing short of a second chance at life. In theory. Someone who has spent years or even decades in a traumatized state will often need specific emotional support to fully use this opportunity.

Work during the “Integration-Phase” should catalyze those emotional processes which can still stand in the way of the survivor being able to (re-)construct their own lives.

For example, this phase is about mourning the loss of time, opportunity, maybe the loss of health, a limb, a loved one because of the traumatic event. Only after we come to grip with this on an emotional level can we fully engage.

It is heartbreaking and cynical that survivors are too often let down so close to the finish line. A stark example are veterans who are confronted by society with the message: “Should you not already be through this by now?”


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Matthias Behrends

Founder, CEO ⁠– Emotion Coaching gUG

Creator of "Deep Emotional Work" and "Deep Emotional Self-Care"

After studying medicine at the University of Heidelberg, MB co-founded the nonprofit organization "Healing Souls International" with his teacher and mentor, Dr. Charlotte Baltrusch, a German psychotrauma-therapist with more than three decades of experience. The organization received SAP's "Social Impact Startup" award in 2014.

MB and Dr. Baltrusch organized and conducted training in emotional work in several countries, including India, Romania, and Colombia. MB facilitated Dr. Baltrusch's development of her system for intensive psychotrauma-therapy.

Since Dr. Baltrusch's retirement, MB has been continually developing DEEP EMOTIONAL WORK, which is currently exclusively licensed to "Emotion Coaching", another Germany-based nonprofit founded by MB.

As well as emotional work, MB is the founder and author of a medical training academy in the German language for international physicians. The academy is the largest of its kind, with over 11,000 physicians benefitting from its courses and materials.

“This isn't about me. I made it like that.”—M.B.

“People want an authority how to value things. But they choose this authority not based on facts or results. They choose it because it seems authoritative and familiar. And I am not and never have been familiar.”

The Big Short (2015)

Matthias Behrends