Deep Emotional Self-Care

A New Chance at Life

In a system that exploits your vulnerability, caring for yourself is a rebellious act.

Matthias Behrends

Founder, CEO ⁠– Emotion Coaching gUG

Creator of "Deep Emotional Work" and "Deep Emotional Self-Care"

Trauma Survivor

“This isn't about me. I made it like that.”—M.B.

“People want an authority how to value things. But they choose this authority not based on facts or results. They choose it because it seems authoritative and familiar. And I am not and never have been familiar.”

The Big Short (2015)

After studying medicine at the University of Heidelberg, MB co-founded the nonprofit organization "Healing Souls International" with his teacher and mentor, Dr. Charlotte Baltrusch, a German psychotrauma-therapist with more than three decades of experience. The organization received SAP's "Social Impact Startup" award in 2014.

MB and Dr. Baltrusch organized and conducted training in emotional work in several countries, including India, Romania, and Colombia. MB facilitated Dr. Baltrusch's development of her system for intensive psychotrauma-therapy.

Since Dr. Baltrusch's retirement, MB has been continually developing DEEP EMOTIONAL WORK, which is currently exclusively licensed to "Emotion Coaching", another Germany-based nonprofit founded by MB.

As well as emotional work, MB is the founder and author of a medical training academy in the German language for international physicians. The academy is the largest of its kind, with over 11,000 physicians benefitting from its courses and materials.

Matthias Behrends