Emotion Coaching System

"Man the living creature,
The creating individual,
Is always more important than
any established style or system."
―Bruce Lee
The Emotion Coaching System (ECS) is a methodological framework developed by Matthias Behrends that advocates the fundamental importance of emotional stabilization through specific methods and the scientific approach to emotional/mental health and well-being. The ECS uses and refines concepts and ideas rooted in psychodynamic-imaginative therapy.
The principle of transparency as well as a commitment to the scientific approach towards emotional/mental health and well-being are among the System's cornerstones. The ECS builds upon and refines concepts and ideas rooted in psychodynamic-imaginative therapy while at the same time decisively rejecting esoteric concepts, ideas and methods - no matter how popular they might be.
The ECS is proudly unaccredited and does in itself not constitute psychotherapy, counseling or therapy. It must be used within the obvious ethical and legal limitations that result from this fact. The ECS can greatly increase the effectiveness of helping professions, like social workers, teachers, nurses, as well as therapists when caring for people in distress.

Matthias Behrends

Creator of the Emotion Coaching System
“People want an authority how to value things. But they choose this authority not based on facts or results. They choose it because it seems authoritative and familiar. And I am not and never have been familiar.”
Michael Burry in: The Big Short (2015)

Patrick Jones - Course author

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